About Us

Welcome to No. 7 Pickery Place. Our antique store is based in Amarillo, Texas. We are Ned and Debbie D'Agostino and we have been collecting antiques for our 37 years of marriage. We've been in the business of selling them for 4 years.

We especially love European antique furniture. In our mind it simply can't be matched in terms of both quality and style. But that doesn't mean we shy away from other antiques. In fact, if something has a story to tell, even if we don't know what that story is, we will probably love the piece. For instance when we get in a 19th century dry sink we will look at the way the wood has been rubbed and just imagine someone working hard, utilizing the piece in an old farmhouse. The 18th century wood Spanish trunk we once owned had some water warping along the bottom. We could just see it below the deck as the shallow ocean water that creeped it's way in sloshed against the sides. It's the stories that fascinate us the most.

No. 7 Pickery Place is just a two person operation, although we do get help from our kids from time to time. As such, customer service is our number 1 priority and we believe it is unmatched.

We know you're going to love shopping with us. Especially if you love antiques the way we do.