Antique English Washstand With Marble Top and Green Tile Backsplash

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This fabulous antique washstand is from Walter Carter's Depository in Manchester, England. It is in 3 pieces. It has a wooden base that has two drawers and one cabinet. On top of that sits a marble slab. And it's all topped of with a green tile marble backsplash. There is a manufacturer tag on the back of both the backsplash and the base.

One of the drawers is missing a teardrop pull and the cabinet is missing a shelf which was once inside. The marble has 3 holes which suggests that at one time the backsplash was attached to it, but now it simply sits on top covering the holes.

The washstand is 42" wide and 18" deep. It is 29" to the top of the marble top and 45" to the top of the backsplash.

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