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Pickery PlaceFirst of all we'd like to welcome you to the No. 7 Pickery Place blog and thank you for visiting our website.

Here you'll find us posting informative articles regarding antiques, some amusing stories as we search for unique antique items, and posts on our newest loads of antique furniture as they come in. By subscribing to this blog you'll see what we have coming up even before it is listed in our store.

But it's not just about antiques, which, by some accounts means items over 100 years old. We also love Mid Century decor, and if you stick with us, you'll learn about that as well. Oh and primitives... we love them too.

Old movies fascinate us, and not just the story lines. We tend to look at the decor in the background just as much as we pay attention to the movie. Sometimes we see things we have, but more often, we see things we want. This of course leads to an all out search to find it. Yes, antiques can be somewhat of an obsession.

Even period TV shows get our attention. Watching Lucy led to a brief obsession with finding the Ivy china pattern used in the show. And more recently, watching Mad Men really caught our attention because we saw so many things we had in our homes when we were growing up in the 60's and 70's.

Once a customer came into our store and told us "you sell memories here". I guess that's true. But we also sell elegant one of a kind furnishings that hopefully, make your house feel more like a home, and make your life just a little better.

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